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Tailored online personal training plans designed around your unique hormonal cycle

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Women are built differently to men. So why are you training like a man?

TrainHer® was born as a response to the male-dominated fitness industry, to empower you to take charge of your female physiology and optimise your training around your unique feminine cycle. 

Developed by Australasia’s leading women’s strength & conditioning coach Shannon MacLachlan, TrainHer® provides tailored training plans in tune with hormonal changes so you can achieve the best outcomes from your training, reduce injuries, feel good and look great all while working towards your goals.



You’ve got goals. We help you smash them.

Whether you’re training for a half marathon, want to excel in your sport or just want to get up that hill without blowing your lungs out — TrainHer® matches detailed programs with your goals and physiology in mind. 

Our advanced, personalised training plans are designed to help you look and feel your best, boost mindset and mental clarity and optimise your training to work with your female physiology for the best results possible. 

With TrainHer®, we provide an easy to implement program for weekly motivation and accountability inside an inclusive community, so you have all of the support, resources and programming you need to excel. 



Backed by science and created with a comprehensive approach to the whole body, TrainHer® Custom Plans are highly individualised for each woman. 

Taking into account your hormones, injuries, nutrition and mindset we design an integrated plan to get you motivated, moving and feeling great as you work towards your strength and fitness goals.

Delivered within a convenient, simple to use app, TrainHer® programs come with detailed videos, progress tracking, exercise form reviews and DMs with your trainer — all directly through your app. 

Easy to access from anywhere (home or pro gym) you’ll begin with a ‘foundation phase’ of exercises, tailored to improve mobility, stability and address any weaknesses within your body.

TrainHer Custom™ will help you train smarter, so you can feel healthy, get strong and reach your true potential.

Unlock your physiological advantages with your customised training plan today.​

Learn How to Harness your Unique Female Cycle with our Free Online Workshop

Stop Training Like a Man. Use your female physiology to your advantage.

From periods and pregnancy to menopause and stress, your hormones affect all aspects of what you do — from triggering muscle contractions, to stimulating fat burning (or storing) to building muscle, heart rate and more. 

In this mini class, you’ll learn the foundations of your female physiology, and how to work with your body for maximal training results.

Our Services

TrainHer Custom™

A one-of-a-kind tailored training app for women that helps you work with your body’s unique cycle, and get results. With a TrainHer Custom™ membership, you get tailored-to-you strength & conditioning workouts, nutritional guidance, and support, all personalised to YOUR specific physiology for maximum gains.


Are you ready to smash your health and fitness goals? Start working with your physiology, not against it with our female specific, preprogrammed & science backed training plans. Grab the program that is right for you and get instant access to start your TrainHer On Demand™ journey today.


At TrainThem™, we empower young athletes to create the future they desire with training and conditioning that fits with their sport, ability, personality and potential. TheTrainThem Custom™ Service exposes young athletes to common movement patterns found within their sports and offers an opportunity to increase movement competency in an age appropriate controlled environment. Training young bodies requires lots of care and specialised knowledge to ensure their wellbeing is sustained throughout their young and adult lives. If this interests you please contact us directly.

Injury Protection Protocols

The Injury Protection Protocols program is for both men and women who have a history of sprains, strains and tendinopathies to knees, shoulders, ankles, and hamstrings. The 12-week exercise rehabilitation program will actively strengthen the muscles, tendons, and ligaments surrounding an injury so that you can come back at a higher performance level than ever.

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