TrainHer’s Individualised Training Program focuses on guiding females with athletic goals in mind to excel in their chosen specialty. This online system will provide a unique and individualised training program for all levels of individuals, including important information about individual physiological differences of the female body compared to males, as well as recovery methods and nutrition guidance centred around your menstrual cycle.

Competition Focused

Whether you’re an athlete trying to reach your personal best running time, a gymnast trying to implement a holistic training regimen to excel, a individual wanting to compete in a Spring Challenge, or a netball or hockey player looking to improve your game fitness – TrainHer can help you achieve your goals. For team sports, check out our Team Training Page. 

Female Focused

By focusing on female physiology specifically, TrainHer can work with your body in a sustainable program that works around your hormones and menstrual cycle. Combining knowledge of nutrition, psychological and physiological factors enable the complete picture of performance. This holistic approach ensures your body stays in a thriving environment, and you as the athlete are provided with everything you need to succeed.

A Wealth Of Knowledge

Shannon MacLachlan is a seasoned expert regarding highly individualised training programs for athletes. With ample experience designing programs to suit specific physiologies, Shannon uses recovery methods and nutrition centred on and around the menstrual cycle for increased athletic ability.


12 Weeks

$ 29
50 /week

24 Weeks

$ 26