Female Athlete Nutrition

An athlete’s goals must start with the right fuel for your body to work at its peak performance. TrainHer works with Sharp Nutrition to offer nutrition programs specifically tailored for female athletes in any sports discipline. Whether you’re in your teenage years, just beginning your journey as an athlete or a seasoned professional competitor in your field – Sharp Nutrition can create a nutrition program to suit your needs. 

Nutrition for Athlete’s Strength & Endurance

Sports with different demands may require different approaches when it comes to nutrition. If your sport requires high levels of explosive, high-intensity exercise, endurance or strength, TrainHer will provide general guidance regarding nutrition and supplementation to fuel your training session and enhance game-day performance. Sharp Nutrition can easily tailor your nutrition program to your goals for the season ahead. 

Nutrition for Holistic Wellness

Athletes competing in any sports discipline often plan for competitions months in advance. Ensure your body works optimally for when race or game day hits by tailoring your nutrition program to suit a range of individual factors such as physiology, menstrual cycle, and age. 

Maintainable Nutrition Plans

TrainHer and Sharp Nutrition work hard to create a nutrition plan which is maintainable and enjoyable. We consider your amount of training and other lifestyle factors, so together, we can ensure your diet plan is manageable in all aspects.