Game Ready Machine Rental

TrainHer offers a Game Ready GRPro 2.1 rental machine system to people in Wanaka and Cromwell who have injured themselves or need physical rehabilitation after surgery. The Game Ready machine is an industry-leading cold and compression therapy system to help reduce swelling, inflammation and pain, helping you return to daily activities faster.

Faster Recovery Time

Whether you are a surgical patient going into post-op rehab or have received an injury, we know you want to get back to 100% asap. Hiring a Game Ready machine can help you achieve this, as this industry-leading cold and compression therapy system helps individuals get the most from their recovery regime and get back to what matters most as quickly as possible.

Clinically Proven Cold Compression

The clinically proven Game Ready system combines a powerful control unit with a complete range of innovative, circumferential compression wraps to integrate active cold and intermittent pneumatic compression therapies with greater adjustability, comfort, and convenience than ever before. This easy-to-use portable system available for hire takes RICE (a sequence of steps meaning Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevate an injury) to the next level for your injury or surgical recovery.

How the Game Ready Machine Works

The active compression and cold exchange loop help accelerate your recovery by:

Active Cryotherapy –  Continuously circulating iced water cools the injury or post-op site to safely and comfortably reduce pain.

Intermittent Compression – A gentle squeeze and release to reduce swelling, stimulate blood flow and conform the wrap to the body.

Circumferential Coverage – Anatomically designed wraps surround the injury or post-operation site, covering more surface area for more effective cooling.

Simple Operation – The system makes it easy to use pre-set programs and quickly customise time, temperature, and compression settings.

Who Should Try a Game Ready Rental?

The Game Ready GRPro 2.1 machine is perfect to hire for people who have an acute musculoskeletal injury or orthopedic surgical recovery to manage. Nothing else works productively like the Game Ready machine; compared to typical RICE applications, this sophisticated cold compression machine provides more therapeutic benefits. Hiring the Game Ready machine allows you to recover in less pain and a faster return to your daily activities while reducing medication use.

Game Ready Machine Rental

Rental periods are in blocks of 1 week, costing $150 per block (including GST), including the Game Ready control unit and one wrap of the clients choice. Additional wraps are $50 (including GST) extra for each week.

You can pick up or we can deliver the game ready unit a day before the rental period is due to start, and when the period is coming to an end, we will contact you to either extend it or organise a collection or return of the unit. If you are outside of these areas but would like to hire the Game Ready Unit please contact us directly.