Our Services

We offer services for individual female athletes and sports organisations. We program with technology and can deliver training sessions directly to your phone. We provide programs for athletes of all levels that build strength, power and speed to support the physical demands of sport.


If you are an individual with a competitive goal in mind, then this service is for you. TrainHer’s  INDIVIDUALISED Training Service focuses on maximising your athletic development by the implementation of best practice training principles for women. We take into account your unique physical and physiological requirements and encourage the use of recovery methods and nutrition centred on and around your menstrual cycle. Each program is individualised for you ensuring you are provided with everything you need to succeed.


At TrainThem, we empower young athletes to create the future they desire with training and conditioning that fits with their sport, ability, personality and potential. The junior/youth athlete development service exposes the young athlete to common movement patterns found within their sports and offers an opportunity to increase movement competency in an age appropriate controlled environment. Training young bodies requires lots of care and specialised knowledge to ensure their wellbeing is sustained throughout their young and adult lives.


Tailored for performance, TrainHer has teamed up with Sharp Nutrition so you can perfect your performance goals. CONTACT US for more information.

Injury Protection Protocols

The Injury Protection Protocols program is for both men and women who have a history of sprains, strains and tendinopathies to knees, shoulders, ankles, and hamstrings. The 12-week exercise rehabilitation program will actively strengthen the muscles, tendons, and ligaments surrounding an injury so that you can come back at a higher performance level than ever.