Your Female Physiology is Your Superpower!

Make it work to your advantage.

Biohack your training with a personalised plan designed around your unique female body.

All in one convenient app.

As an active woman,
you’ve probably experienced it all...

One week you feel GREAT,
and the next you’re struggling to get off the couch.

Maybe you’ve tried other cookie cutter classes or inexperienced personal trainers that left you with aches, strains and average results.

You’ve been working hard. 

But no matter how hard you try…

You’re just not getting the results you want!

So what’s stopping you from hitting your goals?

It all boils down to one thing. 


Menstrual Phases

From periods and pregnancy to menopause and stress, your hormones affect all aspects of what you do — from triggering muscle contractions, to stimulating fat burning (or storing) to building muscle, heart rate and more.

Most generic workout plans don’t take into account the enormous effects of your female physiology, essentially training you as if you were a completely different person…

Stop training like a man.

Use your female physiology to your advantage.​

Take Your Mark. Get Set.

Let’s GO with TrainHer Custom™

A one-of-a-kind tailored training app for women that
helps you work with your body’s unique cycles, and get results.

With a TrainHer Custom™ membership, you get tailored-to-you strength & conditioning workouts, nutritional guidance, and support, all personalised to YOUR specific physiology for maximum gains.

“Shannon was always there to help guide me and to adjust my nutrition as needed.

As female athletes, we aren’t built like our male counterparts, our hormone levels tend to play a much larger role and Shannon enabled me to understand my body.

Shannon is not just an incredible coach but a person and I look forward to training alongside her.”

~ Jules, Kiwi Ferns, NZ Women’s Rugby League Warriors

“I travel frequently for work and TrainHer enables me to train anywhere. I often have questions for Shannon and I get instant feedback from her — It’s awesome!

Shannon’s extensive knowledge covers everything — multisport training, supplements, nutrition, weight training, etc.

Whether you’re just starting your fitness/ health journey or you’re training at national level, TrainHer delivers exceptional, customised training programs for everyone. I love using my TrainHer program. ”

~ Katy Geck, Mum, Multisport & Adventure Race Enthusiast

Whether you’re just getting back into a regular fitness routine, training for an event or a semi pro athlete looking to uplevel your strength and conditioning…​

Train Her Custom™ will give you all of the tools and support you need to train well, feel great and perform at your best.

So how does it work?

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Train Like a

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Custom Plan

Train Like a

Unlike other cookie-cutter fitness memberships or trainers who create a generic fitness plan and leave you to figure it out on your own, TrainHer is here for you every step of the way. 

From your personalised plan, customised workouts, and one-on-one support, we provide everything you need to reach and exceed your health and fitness goals.

Taking into account your hormonal cycle, injuries, lifestyle and goals, we’ll design a bespoke and optimised training plan unique to you. 

Delivered through our easy-to-use app, you’ll get daily and weekly workouts, video demonstrations, results tracking and regular communications with your trainer to keep you motivated, on track and working with your body, not against it. 


TrainHer Custom™ is THE training program you’ve been looking for.

Here’s what’s included:

“Having the app has helped keep me accountable and I can schedule my training around work. When I have been concerned about exercise form, Shannon has been able to correct me straight away, and always provides multiple options like home workouts when I haven’t been able to go to the gym.”

~ Laura, Osteopath & Outdoor Adventurer

“3 months after giving birth to my son I decided I wanted to play footy again. Shannon is the best, most highly skilled performance trainer I’ve ever had. If you want to reach your goal, Shannon is the person who will whip you back into shape. Her programs were intense but had purpose so you could feel and see it was working. Thank you for changing my body from saggy Mum to lean athletic Mum!”

~ Atawhai, Mum, Kiwi Ferns, NZ Women’s Rugby League Warriors, Jillaroos

TrainHer Custom™ will help you train smarter, so you can feel healthy, get strong and reach your true potential.

Unlock your physiological advantages with a customised training plan designed around your unique female cycle.

Choose From Three Convenient Plans

12 Weeks

$ 59

24 Weeks

$ 52

Meet Your Trainer, Shannon.

As a seasoned leader in the health, fitness, and adventure industry for nearly 20 years, Shannon has worked with clients from military personnel, elite athletes, lifeguards, pro sports women, and private clients just like you.

Her long history of physical science and strong determination make her the ideal training partner to empower you to GO HARD and reach your goals.

Noticing that there is a lack of adequate trainers in NZ & AU training women in-line with their female physiology, Shannon designed and created TrainHer — a one-of-a-kind bespoke training program to support active & athletic women, in their female bodies, to optimize their training and health.

Is TrainHer Custom™ right for you?

Whether you’re a high-performance athlete, training for a half marathon, or a busy mum looking to reclaim your pre-baby fitness, TrainHer offers tailored support for every woman and every body.

We Set You Up For Success, One Cycle at a Time!

Here’s what sets TrainHer apart from the competition

Most generic training programs are poorly created or made up on the day by inexperienced trainers that don’t take into account injuries, goals, and most importantly, your female physiology. 

Personal trainers will create a one off spreadsheet that you get shown once with no details or support moving forward, leaving you on your own to try and motivate yourself to get your workouts done.

But here’s the truth...

Expensive gym memberships, inexperienced personal trainers and generic group classes aren’t going to get you the results you want, and get you to the finish line in the best condition possible.

TrainHer Custom™ offers high-quality, tailored program design delivered in an easy to use app, with more 1-1 support than any other personal training membership out there.

Bespoke programming — no more generic training plans that don’t deliver

Tailored around your hormonal cycle —  menstruating, birth control, perimenopause, menopause or post menopause

Train with the best — Shannon brings with nearly 20 years experience to train you effectively

Video demonstrations — accessible anytime

Regular 1-1 support — you don’t have to wait until your next PT session or class to get feedback, ask questions or talk about changes to your workouts

TrainHer Custom™ provides accountability, motivation and contact with your trainer everyday.

Hear from our Members

“What I like best about TrainHer is that I know that I’m optimising my training. I’m not wasting time trying to train in a way that’s against what my body needs.

My whole program is designed around my hormonal cycle, and my physiology. It’s super detailed and personalised to me.

I highly recommend TrainHer if you have any goals that you’re looking to work towards for your strength and fitness. It’s worth it!”

~ Lucy, amateur adventure racer and outdoors woman

Have a few questions? We have answers.

Your training journey should be streamlined, effective and fun — and so should your tech. 

TrainHer helps you reach your goals with unique workouts delivered straight to your device. Our app is user-friendly and easy to navigate. And if you do have any technical difficulties, we’re here to help!

TrainHer is an online fitness coaching program designed to keep a personal trainer in your pocket. 

Rather than having to book in a time with your PT, or go to a group class that clashes with your other commitments, TrainHer allows you to work your workouts around your schedule and train whenever suits you best.

Whether you’re training for an event, want to build lean muscle, or lose weight, we work with your body and keep you accountable to get there with regular communication and check-ins. 

TrainHer makes it easy for you to get your training done effectively and efficiently. 

Your program is designed like a playlist, so you can choose which workout you do in whatever order works best for you and your schedule.

With a TrainHer Custom™ membership you’ll be well on your way to hitting and exceeding your training goals with 1-on-1 support and motivation each step of the way. 

It’s time to make YOU a priority.

Ask yourself this: Where will you be, 6 months from now, if you don’t make your body and your health a priority NOW?

You’ll need either a home gym or access to some gym equipment, for optimal results. When you sign up, you’ll fill out an intake questionnaire to let us know what equipment you have available, and we’ll build your program around what you have.

What are you waiting for?

Stop getting lost in the male-domainated fitness shuffle.

Get the female specific training and support you deserve with a TrainHer Custom™ Membership.

Get Started Today

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Still have questions?

Get in touch with us today and let’s get you started on your training journey.

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