Tactical Training Programs

Our Tactical Training Programs are focused on females in all Law Enforcement and Arm Forces (LEAF) positions. TrainHer works with females in Law Enforcement Industries to improve functional fitness in all aspects, so daily duties and mental strain within the individual’s role can be completed with ease. TrainHer Tactical Training Programs suit combat, operation, and leadership roles, so you can be ready for anything. As a tactical athlete, you will sink your teeth into REAL physical preparation programs and aim to reduce attrition and increase job and personal satisfaction; creating a stronger, more robust female workforce.

Physical Strength

TrainHer uses strength and conditioning training techniques within the program to ensure that physical resilience is improved. TrainHer’s ethos takes nutritional, physiological, and psychological factors into account, so you never have to worry about burn-out, and you’re always prepared for your job’s demands.

Individualised Programs

TrainHer will create a personalised training program for you and your specific needs. From what your role is within LEAF through to your nutrition, physical ability, and menstrual cycle. By using a holistic perspective, creates the ultimate environment for success to thrive.

Experienced Tactical Trainer

Shannon knows what it takes to be successful in a tactical role, both mentally and physically. Being in the tactical industry herself, Shannon has worked with many females within LEAF to create manageable programs that show results.

Mental Resilience

Your mental resilience will also be tested to help you be the best at your job. Shannon knows how much determination can be needed to push through both physical and mental difficulties. TrainHer Tactical Training Programs will help build the tenacity to smile through any challenge ahead.