At TrainThem, we empower the junior athlete to create the future they desire with training and conditioning that fits with their sport, ability, personality and potential.

For aspiring athletes aged 10-18 years in any sport looking to explore their potential.

Dedicated To Junior/Youth Athlete Development

In the same way we cater for female athletes, designing programs for their specific physiology, designing for junior/youth athlete development also needs a considered approach, taking into account that young athletes have unique nutritional, psychological and physiological factors.

Optimising Junior/Youth Athlete Performance Whilst Preventing Injury

Our key focus is and will always be optimising performance whilst mitigating injuries. Training young athletes requires lots of care and specialised knowledge to ensure their wellbeing is sustained throughout their young and adult lives.

Online Delivery Of Tailored Training In Real Time

Powered by the intuitive training interface that we use for our professional athlete development. We can deliver tailored workouts directly to a phone, desktop, laptop or tablet, fitting into busy schedules. Our platform allows us to communicate with our athletes using videos, images and messages as well as make changes in real-time, responding effectively to evolving needs.

Catering For Individual & Team Sports

TrainThem already supports a variety of young athletes across a wide range of sports. From rock climbing to rugby, from skiing to soccer and everything in between, TrainThem will leverage an individualised approach that enhances junior/youth athlete development and performance.

Catering For Coaches

Whether you are a parent, a coach, a school or a sporting body, we can support you and your junior athlete with bespoke training programs. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you.