Why Am I Not Seeing Any Changes?

Many women are looking to transform their bodies through exercise. They want to lose fat and look lean. They often turn to aerobic exercise and focus on burning calories or even just restricting calories by jumping on the next big diet fad. Although this seems like a good approach it often produces poor results because the body responds by increasing appetite and lowering metabolic rate as it senses a sustained calorie deficit.

Getting a great body is fairly simple as long as you follow a few training rules and put in the Mahi (hard work).

A great looking body requires four things:

  1. Solid athletic foundation
  2. Fairly low body fat level
  3. Good muscular development
  4. High standard of personal discipline (follow the plan and put down the wine)

Now let’s look at how you would reach these goals

  1. First seeking the assistance from a coach that has experience with training the unique physiology of a female is the ultimate game changer, to then properly designing a strength and conditioning training program that is aimed at increasing muscle and functional mobility. This training program needs to include, heavy weights, high volume, multi joint exercise, single joint lifts, varying lift speeds, shorter rest periods, and sprint or strongman training.
  2. Working with a sports dietitian experienced in advising females will allow you to fine tune your nutritional needs. This plan needs to identify calorie needs and also time nutrition to match training volume around your period.
  3. This brings me to the final point, understand your unique physiology and with it the month long roller-coaster of up and downs. Hormonal fluctuations that occur throughout the menstrual cycle affect all aspects of female physiology. A good strength and conditioning coach will map your period and introduce the intervention of recovery methods around your training program to maximize development and get that great looking body that you want.

The power is now in your hands, the process is simple but will take commitment, time and hard work. There is a saying that I like and it goes like this….. Don’t be upset with the results you didn’t get from the work you didn’t do. And with that being said let us build you a solid athletic foundation. Our training programs will produce a fat burning hormone response so that you lose fat. It will overload your muscle so that you get stronger and have good muscular development. TrainHer takes into account the female hormonal differences that come into play and ensures that there is a strategic plan to maximise athletic development and get you that great looking body, all you need to do is enforce that high standard of discipline.

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