Why you’re not getting results!

This is where we want to help you to identify some of the reasons why you may not be getting the results that you want. Getting in shape and performing well is more about hormonal balancing, intelligent training and having a commitment to the process.

I have seen so many women struggle to lose weight, and put on lean muscle and they can’t understand why nothing works. The thing is you have to look deeper than energy in and energy out.  There are a few things that will determine whether or not you will achieve your results.


  • If your hormones are out of balance you will go into fat storing mode and you will find it extremely hard to lose any weight or put on lean muscle.  Balancing your hormones through correct diet, lifestyle and supplementation is key.
  • People who are insulin resistant will have weight loss obstacles, including inflammation and poor liver detoxication. You need to avoid foods that impair metabolic hormone balance by adopting some simple nutrition habits to improve your health.
  • Your calorie intake is off, either you’re not eating enough or you’re eating too much. To lose fat there needs to be a calorie deficit, but if you are eating dangerously low calories, your body doesn’t have the proper fuel it needs for the energy to operate efficiently or train. It starts a cascade of hormone dysregulation that will be counterproductive to the overall goal of weight loss.


  • Women are prone to poor results due to misinformation about how to train. To get results you need a good training plan and train the big lifts such as squats, deadlifts, lunges, pull ups and presses.
  • Lifting too light. You need to lift heavy so that you can overload the muscle to produce a fat burning response.
  • You do too much of the wrong kind of cardio. For best results sprint training or strong man training is so much more effective and more metabolically taxing than long slow distance training (obviously if endurance events are your thing, than keep at it)


  • Going through the motions and not breaking a sweat is all too common with women that don’t get results. If you want the results you have to dig in, you have to get out of breath and accept being uncomfortable.
  • You quit, in holidays or when it gets too hard. If you want your body to change you need to understand this is a long term commitment and a major investment.  The plan can be altered and changed but the momentum needs to be kept up.

Training should not be complicated, but it does require these three things in order to see the results.